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NO GUILT, JUST PLEASURE – Artists You Might Not Expect Me To Like

I’ve never been a fan of the term “guilty pleasure” even though I understand the concept behind it. When it comes to music, you can only admit to enjoying certain … Continue reading

March 23, 2015 · 63 Comments

SUPERGRASS Part 3 – The Way They Turned My Head / In Conclusion

Recorded in France during a tumultuous time in the band’s career, Road To Rouen (2005) is the least immediate-sounding album in the Supergrass discography but ultimately one of their most … Continue reading

March 13, 2015 · 18 Comments

SUPERGRASS Part 2 – Moving To Other Planets

By the time Supergrass released their third album, Supergrass (1999), aka “The X-Ray Album,” they were one of my favorite recording artists. I bought the UK version of the CD … Continue reading

March 5, 2015 · 23 Comments

SUPERGRASS Part 1 – Thoughts On An Artist / They’re Alright

The Britpop era of the 1990’s spawned a number of popular bands like Oasis, Blur, Suede, Pulp, The Verve, Cast and Supergrass. Although each of these groups had their own … Continue reading

February 26, 2015 · 37 Comments

TOTO Part 4 – Let’s Make This A Better World

Toto was on an impressive roll as they approached the end of the millennium. Pared down to a quartet of guitarist/lead vocalist Steve Lukather, keyboardist David Paich, bassist Mike Porcaro … Continue reading

February 8, 2015 · 24 Comments

TOTO Part 3 – Gypsy Trains And Turning Points

Toto experienced a great deal of success from the late-‘70s through the ‘80s, in spite of several lineup changes, but at the beginning of the ‘90s they found themselves in … Continue reading

January 31, 2015 · 12 Comments

TOTO Part 2 – Kilimanjaro Rises Like Olympus Above The Serengeti

Toto IV (1982), the final album recorded by the original Toto lineup of David Paich, Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Porcaro and David Hungate, reversed the commercial slide … Continue reading

January 21, 2015 · 12 Comments

TOTO Part 1 – Thoughts On An Artist / Love Isn’t Always On Time

I’ve been excited at the prospect of revisiting the Toto catalog for a while but it took until last week to finally find enough time to properly devote to their … Continue reading

January 10, 2015 · 36 Comments

KamerTunesBlog Year In Review 2014

2014 has been another superb year of music for me. I didn’t get to revisit as many artist discographies here as I had hoped to, due to several factors beyond … Continue reading

December 29, 2014 · 42 Comments

TWO AND THROUGH – My Favorite Two-Album Artists

I had so much fun revisiting some of my favorite one-album artists in the 5-part (so far) ONE AND DONE series that I couldn’t resist highlighting those artists who managed … Continue reading

December 15, 2014 · 49 Comments

ONE AND DONE – My Favorite One-Album Artists Part 5

This might be the quirkiest batch of one-and-done albums so far, but I enjoyed revisiting them as much as anything I’ve covered in this series so far. There was no … Continue reading

December 7, 2014 · 49 Comments

ONE AND DONE – My Favorite One-Album Artists Part 4

My original intention was to write two or three posts about my favorite one-and-done artists (side-projects, solo albums, supergroups and any artist with only one album in their discography), but … Continue reading

November 19, 2014 · 16 Comments

ONE AND DONE – My Favorite One-Album Artists Part 3

These one-and-done artists keep coming, and the quality remains extremely high for the third entry in this series. As stated in my previous posts, I’m highlighting side-projects, solo albums, supergroups … Continue reading

November 14, 2014 · 24 Comments

ONE AND DONE – My Favorite One-Album Artists Part 2

Here are ten more examples of one-and-done artists that I’ve enjoyed over the years. As I pointed out in my previous post, I’m highlighting side-projects, solo albums, supergroups and any … Continue reading

November 8, 2014 · 18 Comments

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