Revisiting my extensive music collection, one artist at a time


Welcome to Satur-debut, a new series that focuses on my favorite debut albums. The majority of them were previously included in my Great Out Of The Gate series in 2015, while others were either among the complete discographies of certain artists covered here or they showed up in other posts over the years. I decided to shine a light on them again, one album at a time, because each original Great Out Of The Gate post featured ten albums, many of which might have gotten overlooked. Also, I continue to have a limited amount of time for blogging but I miss having regular conversations with fellow music lovers, so this series will allow me to shine a spotlight on albums I’ve already highlighted and start some fresh discussions about them. Also, it’s always a good idea to recycle, whether it’s paper, plastics, glass or blog posts. For the most part I’ll take a chronological approach but I reserve the right to change my mind about that at any time….including this first post. Since Led Zeppelin is my favorite band…and has been for about 40 years…I figured I should start with them.



Of course my all-time favorite artist had to appear first. When I became a fan at the age of 13 in 1979, their debut was just one of eight studio albums in their discography that I absorbed at the same time, so it was hard for me to fathom the impact this album must have had when it was unleashed on the world a decade earlier. From their heavy take on blues classics like “You Shook Me” and “I Can’t Quit You Baby” to fast & furious originals like “Communication Breakdown” and “Good Times Bad Times,” this was the blueprint for so many other artists that followed in their wake. It’s also full of light and shade, which helped me as a musician to understand the concept of “dynamics” at an early age thanks to “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” “How Many More Times” and one of their defining songs, “Dazed And Confused.” Then there’s the fact that you had four world-class musicians who instantly became so much more than the sum of their parts, making this my ultimate debut album by my ultimate band.


So, any other fans out there of this obscure British band? 😀

Satur-debut will continue two weeks from today.

113 comments on “Satur-debut – LED ZEPPELIN “LED ZEPPELIN”

  1. stephen1001
    January 5, 2019

    I like the title wordplay Rich – and I suppose this album’s OK too!


    • Thanks, Geoff. I’ve had that series title in mind for nearly a year and I’m glad I could finally make it happen. Glad you think the album is “OK.” Haha…what an understatement.

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  2. Alyson
    January 5, 2019

    Great to see you back with a new series. Personally, this one’s not for me, but that’s ok, we are allowed to have different tastes in music. Like to hear about how it made such an impact on you at the time though – What makes us human, these passions of ours.


    • Thanks, Alyson. I’m excited to be back in the blogging world. Even though I’ll be recycling content for most of the year I hope to add a few twists here & there as time permits. Wasn’t sure how you would feel about Zeppelin but not surprised this isn’t your cup o’ tea. Is it just this album or are you just not a fan?


      • Alyson
        January 8, 2019

        Recycling is fine for me as I possibly won’t have read many of the earlier posts.

        As for LD, I recently put forward a theory that music has a gender, and some songs are masculine and some feminine. Most of the songs I warm to are feminine in nature and I feel LD perform music of the masculine variety. Obviously there are classic tracks but not really ever warmed to them – SORRY!


      • Interesting point about masculine & feminine music. There are a few exceptions in their catalog but I can’t argue that Zeppelin falls in the masculine category. No need to apologize. I’m sure we’ll find lots of common ground throughout this series.


  3. 80smetalman
    January 5, 2019

    Welcome back and this album is a great way to kick off the new year.


  4. Aphoristical
    January 5, 2019

    Good to have you back! It will be interesting to see how we get on with debut albums – as I’ve posted about recently, often I prefer bands’ work after a few albums when they diversify – with Led Zeppelin, I prefer the eclecticism of Houses of the Holy the most.


    • Thanks, Graham. I enjoyed your posts about the sweet spots in artist catalogs, and it’s hard to argue that the average artist typically hits their stride a few albums into their career, but there are plenty of artists who had it all together right from the start. Hence the title of my earlier series, “Great Out Of The Gate.” As for Zeppelin, any of their albums could be my favorite on any given day, but I agree that the eclecticism of Houses Of The Holy (not to mention its progginess on several songs) might make it my all-time favorite. Until I revisit Presence. Or Zeppelin III. You get the point. They all kick ass (yep, even In Through The Out Door).

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      • Aphoristical
        January 8, 2019

        I guess we’ll see as it unfolds.

        I think you could make an argument for any of the first six Led Zeppelin albums as best. The last two are worthwhile but a level below for me – for Presence, I love Achilles Last Stand and there’s some great tight playing, but it’s a bit short of material.


      • I could easily make an argument for all 8 of their studio albums being their best, even though I know many people think they slipped a few notches with Presence and In Through The Out Door. I love those records every bit as much as their previous releases. When you consider the conditions Presence was recorded under, with Plant nearly immobile as he recovered from a car accident, it’s amazing they sounded as good as they did.

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  5. deKE
    January 5, 2019

    The main thing is your back writing Rich! Thats awesome to see! Welcome Back…
    Look forward to all your other debuts coming out bi weekly…
    Zep what a starting point. Myself it wasn’t til about 1982 I got Into them as Coda was my introduction as they were already broken up by then….


    • Thanks, Derek. Glad you like my choice to start off this series. Can’t imagine anyone not loving it, or at least liking it. My plan is to make this a weekly series on Saturdays (hence the title), but I have to skip this coming Saturday due to plans that will have me otherwise occupied.

      Coda is an interesting place to enter the world of Zeppelin, but you really get a nice cross-section of what made them amazing, so its as good an entry point as any of their albums. I got into them in 1979, when I was 13, shortly after In Through The Out Door was released. I was able to immerse myself in their discography all at once and I never looked back.


  6. keepsmealive
    January 5, 2019

    I, for one, am a huge fan of this obscure British band.


    • Nice to know you’re also a fan, Aaron. What an exclusive club to like a cult act like Zeppelin. Haha. I’m glad I grew up at a time when most of the most popular bands were also the best bands. That hasn’t been the case in several decades.


  7. keepsmealive
    January 5, 2019

    Also, welcome back!


    • Thanks. I’ve missed the regular conversations with this awesome community of music lovers. My time is still limited but I have to make more of an effort in 2019…and beyond.


  8. Murphy's Law
    January 6, 2019

    I’m with Aphoristical that I like their later work (Physical Graffiti for me) to the electric blues, but still amazing for a debut album. I didn’t get into Zeppelin until the mid-90’s, when my girlfriend (now wife) introduced me to them. What impressed me initially was the “dynamics” and the arrangements – there’s no extraneous parts and nothing missing. Some of the songs go on for a lloonngg time, but that’s partially the times they started in.


    • Do you mind me asking how old you were when you got into Zeppelin? It seemed like everyone in my general age group (I was born in 1966) loved Zeppelin forever, so I always find it interesting to hear about people who came to them later. I guess they were always cool, no matter what the trends in music were over the years. I love your comment about their dynamics and no extraneous parts. You hit the nail on the head about why they’re head & shoulders above everyone else.


      • Murphy's Law
        January 9, 2019

        I was born in 1969, so I’m a little younger than you. I’ve always been aware of Zeppelin, but they were a little before me – the only albums I remember coming out were In Through the Out Door and Coda. I’m the oldest in my family, so I didn’t have an older brother to hand them down to me – I was much more into newer bands – Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Brian Johnson era AC/DC – along with bands like the Clash and the Ramones and new wave – Depeche Mode, Prince etc. My girlfriend’s CDs were the first time I really LISTENED to them – that would have been around 1994, so I was 24/25.


      • Interesting how a few years separating our birth years made such a difference during those early musical years, but the important thing is we eventually caught up with our musical favorites. I loved Van Halen & AC/DC back then but it was years later that I got into Priest & Maiden, so we flip-flopped on those artists.


  9. mikeladano
    January 6, 2019

    Welcome back!

    I have just started ripping my LZ deluxe editions to PC. This one was fantastic since it has a live bonus disc. Perhaps the best deluxe debut in a while!


    • Thanks, Mike. I love my deluxe editions (do you also have the box set versions?) even though I know there was plenty more material that could/should have been added (along with 5.1 mixes…one day, I hope). The live disc included with the Zeppelin I box set is very good, but after years of collecting Zeppelin bootlegs (I made sure I had at least one good-sounding show from every tour), I didn’t think it was a completely inspired show. Of course I’m splitting hairs because nearly everything they did, especially in the early years, was amazing when all four of them were firing on all cylinders.


  10. DanicaPiche
    January 6, 2019

    Welcome back, Rich! Great idea for your new series and excellent choice for the first spotlight.


    • Thanks, Danica. It’s nice to be back. Even though I still don’t have as much free time as I’d like (or need), I really miss my regular conversations with this incredible community of music lovers, and this series seems like a good way to get back into it.

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    January 7, 2019

    Hey, Rich! Happy New Year! Hope all things are going well down there. Just overjoyed to see Led Zeppelin is your fave– they are also in my top 5 along with Bowie, Beatles, Joni Mitchell, and the Stones. Unlike you, I am unable to say who I love more.

    Thought I’d share a story with you about that first Zep album. When we were kids, our moms would drive us to the Capitol Theater in Portchester for the Friday night shows. You could just walk up to the little box office window and buy tickets for that night. That weekly $5 was the best-spent money in the world and was the reason (along with buying records) we held onto our teenage part-time jobs– I worked at the Cake n’ Bagel and later at Korvette’s in the holy grail record department to name a few.

    On one of those random Friday nights, the marquee read “Iron Butterfly.” I can still see the Iron Butterfly crooked translucent red letters on the white-lined overhang, devoid of any opening band name which seemed odd and like a ripoff, but bought the tickets nonetheless and our moms went on their merry way until pickup time. In the lobby, there was an easel sign that said opening act: “Jimmy Page and Friends.” I remember it like it was yesterday. We couldn’t understand how Jimmy Page could play without the Yardbirds since they just broke up, so it was confusing, to say the least. We even thought it could be a partial reunion of some kind. People were calling them the New Yardbirds. They didn’t have a real name.

    The lights went down and the crowd was getting anxious then a figure appeared, with a hand folding back the thick red velvet drapes. A spotlight revealed Jimmy Page and without a microphone, in his best-projected voice said. I’ve put together a new band and hope you like it. This is a new band so please be kind.. or give it a good listen… or something like that.

    He disappeared back from where he came and moments later the drapes opened and we heard the first notes of Communication Breakdown– that warm and heavy commanding guitar that went right through you. Everyone shot to their feet. After all, we didn’t own the record yet but we never saw anything like it. We never heard anything like it. We didn’t know any of the music but we didn’t care. I will never forget the feeling that washed over the entire audience all at once and we all knew it. People were looking around to see if their amazement was solitary and it was not– everyone knew we were living history. We all knew it. Every single person in that theater was on their feet for their entire performance. They played what we would later learn was the entire first album, cover to cover. Then they left. They unplugged, stuck their arms in the air and walked off the stage and the drapes closed. Just like that! The place went insane. Stomping, screaming, jumping, chanting. We all looked at each other and asked did that just happen? It was the single most extraordinary thing I had ever seen, and still to this day.

    Everyone screamed and stomped for what felt like an eternity. It was reaching a fevered pitch when someone stepped out from behind the drapes and introduced Iron Butterfly. The drapes opened, they immediately starting playing Inagaddadavida. Then people in the audience up front staring hurling garbage at them– bottles, food, and shoes! It was out of control. They barely finished the song and ran off the stage. The drapes closed, the stomping got louder and the whole theater began to vibrate. Minutes later the drapes opened and there was Page alone on stage. He spoke- can’t remember what he said, but they played the entire set all over again. That was the first time I saw Led Zeppelin.

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    • Carole, that is an amazing story. Thanks so much for sharing. Although I’m happy to be the age I am, having grown up straddling the best of the ’70s & early ’80s, I’ve always bemoaned the fact that I missed many of my favorite artists, either entirely (Zeppelin) or in their ’70s prime (Pink Floyd, The Who, Yes). I can’t imagine the kind of impact Zeppelin had on unsuspecting crowds before they became the biggest band in the world. I was around 12 or 13 when they became my favorite band, and by then their entire discography was available for me. I didn’t get to follow their career as it progressed.

      As for your other favorite artists, I love all of them, and even wrote series on the complete discographies on two of them (Joni & Bowie). Thanks for bringing up Korvettes. I grew up on Staten Island and that was my go-to store for record shopping, especially before the mall opened up. The prices…the selection…were unbeatable.

      I hope all is well by you. Happy New Year.


    • Paul
      June 22, 2019

      This is one of the coolest stories I have ever heard!

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  12. kevin
    January 15, 2019

    Great to see you back, Rich.

    As far as debuts go, it certainly doesn’t get better than this. Devastating record.

    Happy New Year. Let’s hope for a better one than last year.


    • Thanks, Kevin. Great to hear from you. How has 2019 been treating you so far? I’m still dealing with some family challenges, which will be an ongoing thing, but I’m getting better at finding time for personal things…which was not the case last year. Glad you agree with my choice to start this series. Even non-Zeppelin fans would have to agree about the impact this album has had for half a century.



  13. Bill P
    January 18, 2019


    Great to see you back. I missed reading your posts over last year and frequently checked back hoping for a good musical conversation. I first got into Led Zep at a dance at a local Holiday Inn for junior high kids. They played Stairway to Heaven and I said, “What is this!” This would be late 80s to date myself so I wasn’t there for the first time around.

    Quickly discovered I & II…then Houses, Physical Graffiti, etc. Then the LZ Boxed Set came out and Traveling Riverside Blues was released and I was the happiest kid in the world when I bought it.

    For this disc, if there is such a thing as Alyson’s “masculine music” it would be Immigrant Song with it’s Viking scream…but that would come a bit later. Communication Breakdown would fit that bill for this album.

    The riffs on this album and other later albums would be how I would learn to play guitar. Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You was the last song I would play each night before I put my guitar in its case….leaving it for the night.

    I’m looking forward to many other great debuts…..Boston for sure. The Cars? Are you into them?…because that is a great debut. Also looking forward to learning about others I may not have caught the first time around.

    Cheers, Bill


    • Hi Bill. Great to hear from you. Glad you appreciate my choice to begin this series. Happy to hear that Zeppelin had a similar kind of impact on you at the same age they did for me, even though we’re probably about a decade apart. Good point about them being “masculine music” as Alyson suggested. I think some of their later music wouldn’t be so easy to pigeonhole, but this debut is certainly a giant blast of testosterone. “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” is an inspired choice to close out your guitar-playing sessions.

      For sure The Cars and Boston will be included in this series, although since I’m taking a mostly chronological approach they probably won’t appear until later this year.



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  15. Richie
    January 23, 2019

    Hi Rich, just catching up with your new series. Excellent choice to start with. I was lucky to have two older sisters who introduced me to Led Zeppelin just after IV was released, so it wasn’t long before I backtracked and found their debut album and what an album! You mentioned light and shade, I couldn’t agree more, it is what makes the music so interesting to hear and keeps your attention on what’s going on. Years later Mark Knopfler used a similar phrase (light and shade) to describe some of Dire Straits music. Keep up the good work – gonna check out Jimi Hendrix next : )


    • Hi Richie. Thanks for stopping by. Nice to hear you discovered Zeppelin so early in their career. Since you heard all subsequent albums when they were released, how do you feel about them? I’m always curious how the timing of discovering an artist can determine how you feel about particular albums. Since I got into them in ’79, I learned about all their albums at the same time…and I love them all equally.



      • Richie
        January 25, 2019

        That’s a good point Rich, when you come across a band later in their career you can take a quicker overview of their work and get what is maybe a more balanced view. I remember when Houses of the Holy came out I was anticipating another IV and on first listen was disappointed. Then after a few years the appreciation of the songs on that album really came through and now contain one of my favorite tracks “No Quarter”. Looking back I remember the excitement and build up to the release of Physical Graffiti and was blown away after the first listen. I took the album round to my friends house and we would both sit and listen, discussing the merits of each track! Ha! I had a similar experience with Presence, only to have the initial reaction that I had with Houses of The Holy. So, looking back now I can’t make my mind up whether it was more fun to wait a year for each new album to be released or more fun to just be able to listen to everything a band has released over a single week. A bit like a TV series…one episode a week or a whole season over a weekend : ) Even after all these years I will say that Led Zeppelin are still my all-time favorite band.


      • Thanks for filling in the story about your history with Zeppelin. It’s hard to imagine an amazing album like Houses Of The Holy seeming like a disappointment but I understand if you’re expecting Zeppelin IV Part II you might have been let down. I remember when I was first getting into Zeppelin at 13 years old and I hadn’t gotten Houses Of The Holy yet. A friend of a friend who I didn’t know very well told me that it was one of their worst albums, so I went in expecting something terrible. Clearly that guy didn’t know what he was talking about.

        That’s a good comparison with TV series (binge-watching vs. seeing episodes as they initially air). Both are effective ways of watching/listening but the experiences are certainly different.


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  19. christiansmusicmusings
    February 13, 2019

    A great debut by what over time has become one of my favorite bands. While I pretty much like all of their albums, if forced to select one, it would be Zep IV. “Black Dog”, “Rock & Roll”, “Stairway To Heaven”, “Battle Of Evermore” – it’s hard to beat that track lineup.

    If I would ever learn the drums, which is something I have contemplated and still not entirely given up on, I would want to learn the drum part of Stairway. To me it’s one of Bonzo’s highlights and one of the best drum parts I know.


    • Since Zeppelin has been my favorite band for 40 years, since I was 12/13, I can never choose a favorite album, but it’s hard to argue that IV might be the best introduction for the uninitiated. There’s not a wasted note on that album. Although I probably never perfected it, I played along with “Stairway To Heaven” countless times in my teens & 20s. It’s not as easy as it might sound to non-musicians. He really drives the song forward (once the drums kick in, of course) without ever overpowering it. I still unashamedly love “Stairway” and have never gotten tired of it. Many people put it down because it’s been “overplayed,” but I’ve argued many times that radio overexposing a song doesn’t make it bad. I always try to listen to any song like it’s the first time I’m hearing it, and the great ones hold up.

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      • christiansmusicmusings
        February 15, 2019

        Stairway is a killer. The build is just ingenious. I would also say Bonzo’s drumming here has to be one of my favorite drum parts. In fact, while my favorite band are The Beatles, if I could only choose one rock song, I think it would be Stairway.


      • Declaring love for “Stairway To Heaven” can come across as predictable, especially to people bemoaning its overplayed status, but when you listen to it with fresh, non-jaded ears you’re reminded what a massive achievement in songwriting and recording it is. There’s not a wasted moment on that record. In 40+ years I’ve never gotten tired of hearing it.

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      • christiansmusicmusings
        February 19, 2019

        Me neither, though actually when I heard the tune for the first time in its entirety, I was shocked.:-)

        The background is that on the radio in Germany the DJs always faded out the song in the transition to the hard rock ending. When I heard Stairway for the first time on the record, I was very much much into acoustic guitar, which is why I instantly liked the beginning of the song. Heavy rock, on the other hand, wasn’t my cup of tea. So when I realized the song turns into a heavy rock tune, I couldn’t believe how Zep could have “ruined” such a beautiful – well, to me defense, I was really young at the time! 🙂

        Today, Stairway’s masterfully executed build is a key reason why it’s perhaps my favorite rock song of all time!


      • I can’t imagine any DJ ever fading “Stairway To Heaven.” What were those crazy German DJ’s thinking? When I was a teenager I once called my radio station to complain when they failed to play John Bonham’s brief drum solo at the end of “Rock & Roll.” I’m sure the receptionist laughed at me when she hung up but I thought it was important enough at the time to bring to their attention. Although the band members never considered “Heartbreaker” and “Living Loving Maid” to be a pair, radio stations here have always played them together. When Jimmy Page compiled the first Zeppelin box set in the early ’90s he purposely separated them. In fact, he might have omitted the latter and placed it on the second box set. I can’t imagine ever playing them separately.

        Also, I had a 2-LP Moody Blues compilation when I was a teenager that lopped off the gong crash at the end of “Nights In White Satin” for some inexplicable reason. It’s not like they had time constraints since it was only a few seconds long, but some producer/compiler felt it was a necessary update.

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      • christiansmusicmusings
        February 20, 2019

        Ha, you’re right, crazy bastards, perhaps I also should have called the radio station! 🙂

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  36. Paul
    June 22, 2019

    Would definitely agree that this is one of the all time greatest debut albums in history not just for the quality of the songs but also because of its impact on the musical world at the time and the countless bands it influenced that came later.


    • Obviously I couldn’t agree more, Paul. It’s hard to imagine the impact this album had on everyone at the time, and it’s still influencing music lovers and musicians 50 years later. That’s the mark of greatness. Thanks for the feedback.

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