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“Compilation Or Catalog?” Updates

When I introduced my Compilation Or Catalog? series in November 2012, the goal was to revisit artists whose only album I own is a “Best Of/Greatest Hits” compilation, and to ask my readers if that collection is sufficient or if I need to further explore their catalog. As of today I’ve written posts on five of these artists: The Commodores, Montrose, Jimmy Buffett, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Cure, and based on feedback provided here, on Facebook, various music sites & conversations with friends, I’ve been able to delve more deeply into the discographies of four out of the five. I discovered that these posts can be expensive for me, but going beyond merely scratching the surface of these wonderful artists has been worth the additional cost. I decided to share information on the additional albums I’ve purchased since writing each post, and I’ve included details via updates at the bottom of each entry (which you can easily access via hyperlinks on the artist names above or below). Also, for your listening & viewing pleasure, I’m sharing a video clip of one of my favorite newly-discovered song from each artist here. I hope you enjoy my choices, and if you have any additional recommendations for future purchases, please share your thoughts in the Comments section of any of these posts. Thank you.


MONTROSE (“Open Fire” – Ronnie Montrose):

JIMMY BUFFETT (“Livingston Saturday Night”):

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN (“Crystal Days”):

THE CURE (“Kyoto Song”):

15 comments on ““Compilation Or Catalog?” Updates

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  6. 1537
    December 14, 2013

    I really liked the Jimmy Buffett, I’d not heard of him before at all.


    • Had you never even heard “Margaritaville”? That’s one of those songs that you can’t escape at every bar in America for the last 30+ years. For a long time he came across as a one-hit wonder to me but that’s no longer the case. Glad you enjoyed it.


      • 1537
        December 14, 2013

        Nope but I’ll explore it tonight. Thanks!


      • I don’t love everything I’ve heard by him, but half of his music is perfect if you’re out drinking with friends and I also love his more melancholy ballads. “Come Monday” and “He Went To Paris” being two prime examples. Enjoy.


  7. mikeladano
    December 15, 2013

    I hate to give up my rock and roll credentials here but I once owned a Cure compilation. I think I’d like to have it again actually.


    • You’ll never lose your rock & roll credentials, Mike. And if any band is going to do that for you, it wouldn’t be The Cure. I’m a proud fan of Spandau Ballet & happily admit it to anyone. If that makes me less “rock” then so be it.


  8. stephen1001
    December 17, 2013

    I’m thrilled to hear The Cure has risen above ‘compilation’ status! Even among Cure fans, not everyone appreciates the two different versions of Robert Smith & Co. (pop vs. atmospheric) and it is excellent news to hear you approve of both.


    • I’m just as excited, even though it means me spending more money. Isn’t that always the case? Haha. Thanks, as always, for your feedback.


      • stephen1001
        December 18, 2013

        I like to think collecting music recordings is less expensive than collecting cars or some other collectibles, if it helps to put the expenses in perspective!


      • Good point, but the costs do add up when you’re buying & re-buying the same album via deluxe editions, super-deluxe editions, ultimate editions, etc. And then there’s the curse of being a completist. I used to be much more loyal to every artist I liked, but I’ve become much more selective in recent years. However, it’s very easy to revert to that way of thinking once I discover a new (or new to me) artist.

        Ahh, we music obsessives are a neurotic bunch, aren’t we?


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